Workout 2

AMRAP 20 Min
As Many Rounds and Reps in 20 Min as Possible

Run 200 Meters
8 Hang Squat Cleans
8 Push Press

RX Men: 75#
RX Women:55#

RX+ Men: 95-115#
RX+ Women: 65-75#

Goal: 7 Rounds +

Choose a weight for this workout that you feel you will be able to do the sets of cleans and push press without much breaking. 7 rounds gives you a full 3 min per round which is TOTALLY doable even when you are tired if you choose the right weight. Challenge yourself, but lower the weight if you are like 2 rounds in and already over 6 min.

For the run it should be a distance that takes you between 45s to about 75s (depending on how good of a runner you are). In your warm up you can jog out like 30-40 sec – and then call that your turn around spot.

If you are unable to run for space or weather reasons. No worries! You may sub 45 seconds of double/single unders or 45 seconds of mountain climbers. (Count how many reps you get the first round and then just repeat that number for other rounds).

For the hang squat clean you will deadlift the bar to the waist. Your feet should be about hip width apart and the hands outside the legs. You will dip the chest forward – bend the knees slightly – keep the heels down – chest up – bar will slide dow the leg slightly with the arms straight. Stand up hard and fast – almost a jump. Shrug the shoulders – keep the bar close to the body. Pull the elbows high and outside to keep the bar close as you pull YOURSELF DOWN. Rotate the elbows around and punch them through and land at the bottom of a squat with the elbows high and the bar on the shoulders! Heels down, knees out, butt lower than the knees, chest up. Stand with the bar on the shoulders.

Lower the bar just back down to the waist (not the floor) for the next rep.

For the push press. The bar is on the shoulders with the elbows in front. You will dip down by pressing the knees forward and out. Keep the heels down and don’t allow the chest to dip forward – body moves straight down. Stand up hard and fast transferring the power from the legs into the bar on the shoulder to pop it UP. Move the face back and press the bar until it is locked out overhead.