Workout 4

8 Rounds for Time
8 Single Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerk Right
8 Single Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerk Left
8 DB Step Ups

RX Men: 35-40# DBs / 20-24″ Box
RX Women: 20-25# DBs / 15-20″ Box

RX + Men: 50# DBs
RX + Women: 35# DBs

For this workout you will start by picking up the dumbbell with the right arm. Bring the dumbbell to the waist. From here you will dip the chest forward allowing the dumbbell to go between the legs. Keep the heels down and back flat.

Perform a single arm clean by standing fast, doing a big shrug with the working arm, then shoot the elbow around quickly and pulling yourself under the weight slightly allowing the dumbbell to land on the shoulder. Catch with slightly bent hips and knees.

From this position you will drive the power from the legs into the dumbbell on the shoulder and finish by pressing it out. Each rep is finished with the bicep by the ear!

You only need to bring the dumbbell back down to the waist to start the next rep.

Do all 8 reps on the right side, then do all 8 reps in the same fashion on the left side.

Once you have completed 8 and 8 you will hold a dumbbell in BOTH hands for the step ups. Dumbbells can just be held at the sides for this.

Make sure you step your whole foot onto the box or bench or whatever you are stepping on. Drive off of the working heel and stand completely at the top. Avoid allowing the knee to cave in at all. You will alternate legs with each step up – so 4 on the right and 4 on the left total per round.

If you are unable to step up or have nothing to step on you may substitute alternating lunges. If that weight is too heavy for you in the step ups – you may used lighter dumbbells for this part or even go unweighted.

Choose a weight for this workout that will allow you to pretty much go unbroken or only 2 sets for the sets of 8.