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SP x Gym Gypsy Journal

You know that one of the habits we find most helpful when it comes to building and maintaining consistency is logging/tracking. 

One of our favorite tools for logging is the Gym Gypsy journal. Created specifically to track more than just workouts, it’s filled with good ol' fashioned space to write with some ready made prompts for you to thoughtfully track different aspects of your health and overall wellness: things like sleep, soreness, recovery, goals, intentions, stretching and even NUTRITION! 

Our friends and SP members at Gym Gypsy KNOW that nutrition and #templatelife is a HUGE part of the SP community lifestyle, so this journal includes the SP Nutrition food chart, and on every daily page is a place for you to track your template meals and servings! 

This is an AUTUMN journal, so it comes pre-printed with September, October and November daily calendar dates. 

BONUS: Street Parking Gym Gypsy sticker pack included! 

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