This is the time of year with A LOT going on. Staying consistent in things you value such as your fitness, nutrition and mindset can be challenging, yet we know how valuable it is no matter the season. Whether it’s because of too long to-do lists, holiday stress, weather that makes us want to hibernate, or just extra busy days, your consistency (and well-being) doesn’t have to suffer or wait until after the new year to prioritize.

To help us all stay consistent (and have some fun while we are at it) we put together this 30 Days of Fitness activities calendar where each day we will focus on making ONE simple, positive and conscious decision to keep our healthy habits going during this busy season.

Download the PDF and follow along as much as you can. Miss a day? That’s ok. Get after the next one!

Your family members, kids, even your non-SP friends can join you!

You don’t have to sign up, register, or track anything in order to participate.

Follow/use the hashtag #streetparking

You’ll notice that the tasks extend beyond fitness and workouts. These are habits and activities that can improve your overall well being. Who doesn’t need some of that as we finish off this year?!?

What is required to participate?

  • NOTHING! This requires no money, apps, or anything extra. Just something fun to do with the rest of your Street Parking Family!

What if I miss a day or have a trip?

  • Don't worry! Most of the tasks you can perform anywhere. Also remember, it's NOT REQUIRED for you to do ALL 30 days. Consistency > perfection.  

Will there be prizes?

  • We will have some fun prizes and giveaways throughout the 30 days!

Where do I sign up?

  • No need to sign up anywhere. Download the calendar or just follow along on the @streetparkingmembers Instagram with the daily activity!

Download Calendar to see the full daily activity description!