Street Parking Peacock Blend

The Peacock Blend

is comprised of two coffees that epitomize opposite ends of the coffee flavor spectrum. Bright and sweet Ethiopian coffee meet the full-bodied and earthy characteristics of coffee from Southeast Asia to create an approachable, balanced medium roast.

Black Rock Coffee and the Peacock Blend

Street Parking has teamed up with the popular Northwest based coffee company - Black Rock Coffee - to bring our very own roast, the Peacock Blend. Not only does Black Rock create the coffee we love to drink - and you know we drink A LOT of coffee - but they value connecting with community as much as we do.

It started as a chance conversation on an airplane about fitness and the busy lifestyle of business owners, and quickly became a relationship between two companies with a shared vision for making a difference in the lives of people they serve. When it comes to coffee, we encourage Street Parking members to ditch loading sugar into their drinks, but we know that requires a tasty brew. After several batches of tastings, we crafted our own version of a medium/light roast that we think is too delicious on its own to sweeten.

With the release of the Peacock Blend, we’re excited to bring you the coffee that will