Postpartum Fitness Bundle

The Street Parking Team knows what a challenge coming back to fitness (or starting fitness) can be with a new baby (and new body) in tow. We aim to give you the confidence you need to know WHERE to start and have teamed with BIRTHFIT Regional Director (Carolina Phillips Stone) to bring you a package that focuses on healing the core and pelvic floor in the immediate postpartum period. Once you have completed 6 weeks - you will then start to transition into the Street Parking programming under the guidance of Carolina on our Private Street Parking Mamas Facebook Group.

You will have access to ALL Street Parking Programs with your membership. This includes the programming for those with minimal to full access levels of equipment. You will also have full access to the Street Parking SHIFT Program (more simple version of the daily workout PERFECT for new mamas), as well as our library of Street Parking Maintenance videos (yoga/mobility), and all accessory programs.

You will receive the BIRTHFIT program all at once and may start it when you are ready. The Street Parking Membership will come in the form of a 3 Month Gift Card and can also be redeemed - WHEN YOU ARE READY!

Want one on one help from Carolina?

In the Street Parking Postpartum Fitness Bundle, you may add the option to work with her one on one through Facetime/Skype type calls where she can take a look at your movement, diastasis recti (ab separation), talk to you about any issues, and help guide you in a more personalized way!

Already a Street Parking Member? You can purchase the bundle as is and we can apply the gift card to your current Street Parking account! Shoot us an email at [email protected] when you are ready to apply the 3 month membership!