Street Parking x Tough Mudder 5k LA Event Ticket

Join the Street Parking team for the April 1 Tough Mudder 5k Obstacle Course run! This Street Parking ticket gives you: 

  • Access to the 1:00 pm 5k heat with the Street Parking team
  • Access to the PRIVATE Street Parking event area with Miranda, Julian and team 
  • One meal/drink wristband for the day
  • Any of the free swag the SP team brings
  • Tough Mudder finisher tee
  • Parking cost covered
NOTE: Registration is a 2-step process. Purchasing this ticket is Step 1. After purchase, check your email for instructions for officially registering on the Tough Mudder site to join the Street Parking event and team. If you do NOT complete your registration as instructed, you will not be registered and have access to the Tough Mudder event.

You may purchase more than one ticket here, but each registration will need to be completed individually on the Tough Mudder site.