3 TEAM Workouts to Challenge You and Your Partner This Summer

Squad Summer is well underway, and we ABSOLUTELY love seeing you guys get after the many team workouts we offer. We hope you are building camaraderie through shared suffering, enjoying lots of laughs, working hard, and fitness freedoming your way through each and every workout.

As you know, here at Street Parking we have a wide variety of workouts so you can find what will work best for you and ultimately have fun by CHOOSING what you want to do. Some workouts are simple, some more complex; some are long grinders, and some are shorter; some involve different equipment than you might not typically use (but you can always CUSTOMIZE), and some require more communication and synchro work.

Now, while the most important goal for doing team workouts is to have fun, there should be an element to the workouts that challenge you and your partner mentally and physically.

So as you're working towards that Squad Summer badge, here are 3 TEAM workouts we highly recommend you and your partner get after together!


We added 6 Dirty Work TEAM workouts to our Dirty Work collection. These workouts include movements like sled drags, sled pushes, carries, D-balls and sandbags. Think "odd object" conditioning. Most of these workouts are longer and will require you and your partner to put your heads down, grind it out, and work hard.

Of course, just like any of our Street Parking workouts, you can customize these workouts as needed to meet your time, space, and equipment needs. Not a single one of these workouts needs to be done precisely the way it's written to count. Be sure to use the suggested customizations and detailed Coaches Notes to understand the stimulus of the workout and make it work for you.

If you and your partner are looking for a long, straight-up grind — look no further than Dirty Work TEAM - Session 3!

This workout will start and end with partner 1 pushing a sled out and running back and then partner 2 will run out to get the sled and push back. Partners will do this for a total of 4 rounds. After all 4 rounds are complete, you and your partner will work through the d-ball over the shoulder and synchro burpees. For the entirety of this "work" only one partner will work at a time while the other partner is resting. Once all "work" is complete, you and your partner will finish with another 4 rounds of the sled push and run back.

We love the looks of this one, not only for its variety but also the amount of pure work both you and your partner will have to put in - TOGETHER!

This workout starts and ends with short sled sprints. These are intended to be done at a hard pace, immediately making you uncomfortable. Once finished, both you and your partner will move to accumulate d-ball over the shoulder. After the sled sprints, these will be highly challenging but remember these are shared reps, so if one partner feels better than the other, they can help pick up reps as needed. From there, you and your partner will transition into doing 75 synchro burpees. These will be a complete GRIND, smashed in the middle of the workout when the fatigue is starting to set in. It's not a small number of burpees and will require you and your partner to slow down, communicate, and meet each other with where you're at in the workout. Once the burpees are complete, you and your partner will work back up the pyramid doing d-ball over the shoulder again and finishing with sled sprints.

The goal time for this workout is 25-30 minutes - making it a LONG GRIND. These are movements we don't incorporate into our workouts as much, making it a challenge in and of itself while also adding in the length and synchro work. Get ready for you and your partner to be challenged in sustaining effort and intensity for this workout because it will get real.

Recommended customizations if you don’t have a sled:

  • 200 Meter Burden Run (use a medball, dumbbell or sandbag)

  • 20 Dumbbell Farmer Step Up + 100 Meter Run (50 meter out & back)

  • 15 Cal (M) 11 Cal (W) Assault Bike

  • 250 Meter Row

Recommend customizations if you don’t have a d-ball:

  • Sandbag Over Shoulder

  • Dumbbell or Barbell Power Clean

For a full breakdown of Dirty Work Team Session 3 go to EXTRA PROGRAMS > DIRTY WORK > DIRTY WORK TEAM.


When doing any team workout, there is no doubt communication will be an essential piece to the puzzle. Every workout will require communication, and some more than others. Communicating effectively and clearly while doing a workout is a huge challenge. You're tired, out of breath, and unable to think as clearly, maybe asking (repeatedly) "What round are we on?" or "How many reps have we done?" We will all experience this at some point during any team workout.

Communicating clearly will require you to slow down and become very aware of what's happening around you. You can no longer turn your brain off and just go. With that said, we always recommend going into any workout with somewhat of a strategy while also being willing to adjust on the fly, because as we know things rarely go according to "plan."

If you want a workout that will requiredigging deep into those communication skills, check out TEAM Work #1!

This workout, in particular, will require a tremendous amount of communication simply because while one partner works through reps, the other must hold a bar hang or plank, and reps can only be accumulated while a partner is holding. So not only will you and your partner have to communicate when you need to break or plan to break, but the combination of movements will get highly grippy and shoulder intensive, requiring you to break movements up to manage fatigue.

Recommended customizations if you don’t have a Pull Up bar:

  • Farmers Hold in place of the Bar Hang
  • Bar Facing Burpee or Burpee Box Jump in place of the Burpee Pull Up

Recommended customizations for the Barbell Deadlift:

  • Dumbbell or Sandbag Deadlift

For a full breakdown of Team Work #1 go to EXTRA PROGRAMS > SPECIALTY > TEAM WORK.


Of course, working together is a part of any team workout.(It's inevitable.) However, some workouts will require you to work more closely with your partner than others, and this is where synchro movements come into play. Synchro movement requires both you and your partner to go through a movement at the exact same time. Generally speaking, there is only one point of the movement that needs to be in "sync" but regardless, you must move at the same pace and speed as your partner. This poses a huge challenge — not only does it require both you and your partner to slow down and work with one another, but it also requires another level of awareness of how each other is both moving and feeling. While doing synchro movements, you cannot just focus on how you're moving, but you must also understand how your partner is moving.

If you want to be challenged with synchro movement, you won't want to miss doing TEAM Work #7!

For this one, you and your partner will accumulate 75 synchro push up + pull across, together. Once all push ups are complete you will transition into doing 150 squat cleans - where only one partner will work at a time while the other partner rests.

The caveat to this workout will be that every 2 minutes, starting at 2:00 BOTH partners will do a 100 meter shuttle run TOGETHER, working at the same time. Partners cannot transition back into their "work" until both partners have finished their shuttle run. 

Given that this workout has both synchronized movements, some larger rep schemes, and the shuttle run every 2 minutes, you and your partner will be forced into working together, communicating, and meeting each other where you're at. As a team, you must take on the mindset of pulling each other through no matter what happens!

Recommended customizations to the Barbell Squat Clean:

  • Dumbbell Squat Clean
  • Sandbag Squat Clean
Recommended customizations for the Shuttle Run:
  • 8 Cal (M) / 6 Cal (W) Assault Bike
  • 10 Cal (M) / 7 Cal (W) Row

For a full breakdown of Team Work #7 go to EXTRA PROGRAMS > SPECIALTY > TEAM WORK.

Now remember: In order for a TEAM workout to count towards your Squad Summer badge, you can do ANY workout from the following:

  • TEAM Work Extra Program (16 sessions built for 2 & 3 person teams)
  • 2023 June or July Saturday TEAM Workout
  • Dirty Work TEAM Extra Program
  • Round 2 TEAM versions for the 2023 VAULT