4 Goals for Street Parking Nutrition & 4 Steps To Success!

    Here are a few approaches to balance and measurement that we have seen work very well, time and time again - and are SIMPLE and SUSTAINABLE for most people in most situations. For us, this approach to finding precision and plugging in the right foods checks all of the boxes! We encourage you to start with the most basic one first and over time working your way through the others.
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      What If I Want To Lose Weight?

      Feeling that the best way to lose weight more quickly is to work out MORE is the wrong mindset to have - especially when the overall goal is fat loss/body composition change. While the short answer is “yes, exercise burns calories” it’s not as much of the weight loss equation as you would think.
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        Intensity > Volume

        Intensity is relative to each person. A workout is intense if it pushes the boundaries of what YOU are currently physically and mentally capable of (and don’t sleep on the mental aspect, because it is HUGE).
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          Do I Need to Work Out MORE?

          This feeling of “more is better” is a staple within the fitness industry. An idea that has been popularized after decades of clever marketing by fitness gurus and get fit quick schemes for as long as we can remember.

          The same mindset has been attached to nutrition and eating LESS, or taking MORE supplements to somehow bypass the need for patience while reaching for our health and fitness holy grail.

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            4 Steps to Plan Your Week for Workout Success

            When it comes to exercise, we have been led to believe that MORE is better, or even necessary.

            Contrary to popular belief, in most cases, this is not true.

            Here’s why…

            When we take on the “MORE IS BETTER” philosophy, we aren’t considering what is going to be realistic and sustainable for us in the long-term.

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              5 Tips For Creating & Sticking With Your New Year's Resolutions

              The New Year is upon us, and naturally we’re already thinking of what we want to give up and what we want to start doing in 2023.

              While we don’t necessarily believe in New Year's resolutions, we do believe in personal growth.

              Here are 5 tips we recommend when it comes to setting goals and creating new habits in 2023...

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                Training and Nutrition While Sick

                We get it. Getting sick can be frustrating and stressful. It puts a huge damper on our daily routine and our ability to remain consistent with our fitness and nutrition. Here are a few tips and answers to the most common questions that you might have while navigating this season.

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                  Surviving A Holiday Party

                  Just because the holidays are here doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your goals OR your fun - you CAN have both! Here are some tips we've shared with our Street Parking members on how you can approach holiday parties when it comes to all the delicious food.
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                    Project April: WHAT, WHY & HOW

                    What if all you had was a pair of dumbbells? Do you have the confidence in knowing that that's all you need in order to take control of your fitness? Join us for Project April where we follow theProgram A (dumbbell version) of the Street Parking Daily Workout for the entire month of April. All you need is a pair of dumbbells.
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                      The Street Parking Recipe: Building the Perfect Flavor For Each and Every Workout.

                      Every Street Parking workout - whether it’s one of the daily ABC/SHIFT programs or an Extra Program - has key ingredients, and each has a desired stimulus and intent. We want you to learn how to recognize the goal behind the workout - as well as the loading suggestions and goal times/score so that you can effectively choose proper weights, customizations, substitutions, and get the most out of each one.
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                        Maximize Your Recovery to Improve Results

                        Too much and even too little stress for long periods of time can be deadly. When we work out, we expose our body and mind to short but high amounts of stress. We increase impact on the bones and joints, we inflict damage on the muscle fibers, we make the heart muscle work harder than it does at rest. 
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                          What About Rest Days?

                          When it comes to REST we have seen it all. From the outright refusal to take a rest day - usually stemming from a belief that it will slow down progress - to the belief that there should be some complex algorithm built into your smart watch that tells you exactly when to take it easy.

                          We have established that consistency is crucial for lasting results, but how does proper and consistent REST play into that? And how do you know if you are resting too much, too little, or just the right amount?

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