365 Workouts: How This Milestone Can Change Your Life

What if you put your head down and committed to completing 365 workouts?

We’re not talking about 365 workouts in a row (let’s be honest - rest days are important). But what if you accomplished it in 18 months? 2 years?

What if you completed simple workouts 4 days a week, no matter where you are in the world, no matter how unruly the kids are some days, no matter what chaos is taking place outside your doors?

What would change?

What aspects of your life would improve?

Street Parking celebrates this kind of commitment and consistency.  We believe it’s the missing piece of the puzzle in so much of the health and fitness industry today.

Because it’s so important to our community, we created 3 very specific milestones for our members to reach:

Milestone #1: 75 workouts 

Milestone #2: 365 workouts

Milestone #3: 1000 workouts

Milestone #1

Before we jump to the 365 workout goal, we first encourage our members to set a goal to hit 75 workouts in their first 3-4 months after joining. We do this because we know that when someone first starts a program is when their motivation will be at an all time high - so it’s a great time to take advantage of that natural momentum and set a goal that will develop habits and a BELIEF that YOU CAN DO THIS!!

In 2020 alone, over 7,400 Street Parking Members hit their 75 workout milestone. Almost all of them did the workouts at home, only having access to dumbbells during the quarantine.

Milestone #2

After the 75 workouts are accomplished, we encourage our members to accomplish 365 workouts.

It’s time to turn those new habits into a full blown lifestyle and our goal here is to help members weave fitness and simple nutrition into their identity - in a healthy and sustainable way - FOR LIFE.  

Of the 2292 Street Parking members who have earned their 365 workouts status over the past 4 years, it has taken the majority of them 18 months to 2 years to accomplish that goal. 

There have been highs and lows in motivation.

There have been days or weeks where people have “fallen off”. That’s life. That’s expected.

BUT - the reason they were able to continue forward and accomplish this goal is because they didn’t allow their temporary setbacks to hinder their permanent lifestyle habits.

Now let’s hear from a few of our members who were presented with their own set of messes, made mistakes, had bad days/weeks, but still accomplished the milestone of hitting their 365th workout. 

Page Gray

I joined Street Parking in 2019, accomplished my 75th workout right before my 40th birthday, and hit my 365th workout just before my 1 year Street Parking anniversary.

Here’s the kicker.

Life tossed a handful of messes my way as I went through my process of reaching 365 workouts. Here’s what that looked like for me:

  • 2020 presented an interesting challenge for our home dynamic. My husband and I are both retired so we are used to being home a lot but we were NOT used to being home a lot with our 2 girls (12 and 7 years old) and our 3 dogs. As many of you are well aware of, this change in home dynamic threw our routines off BIG TIME.
  • A month into the pandemic, a storm hit our area and a tree fell on our garage, which is my gym space. I had to adjust, bring my dumbbells and kettlebells inside, and keep trucking along while the garage got fixed.
  • I’ve struggled with anorexia for as long as I remember, and in late Summer, the anxiety from this chaotic year pushed me backwards. Thanks to Street Parking I was able to reach out to other members, be vulnerable, and seek out help. Because of this community, I was able to climb out of my hole and keep pressing forward.
  • As an autoimmune patient, I’ve learned to change my weekly routine up to adjust to my body’s needs. I move every single day but that movement varies. SHIFT workouts were my go to, but when I was feeling sick or my body was hurting, I’d stick to a maintenance workout. The journey to 365 wasn’t perfect - it was messy - and Street Parking has guidance and options for those messes. All I had to do was keep moving.

Ken Swan

After 15 months of being a Street Parking member, I accomplished my 365th workout with Street Parking.

While I was pursuing my 365 workouts, I not only had some changes outside of my control take place, but I also learned a few key aspects about myself:

  • In the midst of going after this milestone, I had to go through a long layoff from an industry that I just recently transitioned to. This forced me to go through a complete career change, which led to a complete schedule change, and as you know, changes like that can easily knock your fitness routine off course if you allow them to.
  • I learned that in order to stay consistent and keep my brain entertained, I needed a lot of variety in my training. Thankfully Street Parking has a lot of options and I really enjoyed going through that process.
  • Prior to COVID I worked out at a local gym so when the gyms shut down, I had to adapt and learn how to continue working out from home which was new for me. All of my gym equipment lives in the trunk of my car now and it’s officially become “Ken Swan’s Honda Accord Trunk for Muscles.”

These two testimonials are only two out of the thousands of members who have accomplished the 365 workout milestone.

Each story is unique in many ways, but when you read between the lines, you’ll see that they all have the same patterns weaved into the details. 

There will always be a handful of messes that will try and throw you off course.

There will be meltdowns and setbacks along the way.

At some point you will need support and a community of people who are cheering for you.

But the beautiful thing is - if you just keep moving forward and moving your body one day at a time - no matter what that movement looks like for the day - when you reach your 365th workout, you will have created a full blown lifestyle habit that will be weaved into your identity.

And what happens after you’ve reached the 365 workout milestone?

You start walking down the road to 1000.