Mindless Munching


We know with increased down time, increased stress and feeling cooped up in the house it's easy to mindlessly snack. Our stress is high and the kitchen is nearby, so it's easy to default to food, snacks and drinks to fill the time and momentarily feel 'better'. We are here to support you feeling your best, as we know the value good nutrition habits can bring to alleviate some of the stress we are all feeling. 

Here are some of our favorite tips to help you put down the unhealthy snacks: 

  • STICK WITH YOUR NORMAL ROUTINE. Try to wake up around the same time, make your normal breakfast, and try to continue your meals like you would on any other day. Plan out your meals for the day and know what you are eating at each meal, just like if you were going to work! When your brain knows there’s a plan, you’re more likely to be more mindful around food. If you plan to snack, think about when you usually get the most hungry and have a pre-portioned snack ready to go. For most, that’s between lunch and dinner or even after dinner. Sticking with your routine will help you feel some normalcy in such a chaotic time. 
  • INCREASE THE INCONVENIENCE!If the food is in plain sight or out in the open you will walk by and just eat it without thinking about it. Try putting the food away or in a higher cabinet so it requires you to think about it more before you eat it. Even better, avoid having those foods in your home altogether:Don't buy it so you don't have to walk by it! 
  • TREAT SNACKS LIKE A MEAL!Put it on a plate, sit at the table, put away your phone, stop working, and just pay attention to the food you’re eating and enjoy it! Being more intentional around your snacks (and meals) will help you recognize when you’re full, therefore helping to keep your snacking in check.
  • ARE YOU HUNGRY OR BORED?If you notice that there are certain activities when you always end up mindlessly snacking (watching TV, putting away dinner leftovers, clearing kids plates, scrolling social media), you may need to change this routine. 
  • SET A 10 MINUTE TIMER.If you notice yourself wanting to go for the box of cookies or bag of chips, try and set a 10 minute timer before you open them up. Usually after the 10 minutes has passed you realize you don’t need/want it anymore. 
  • STAY HYDRATED.Sometimes when we snack, we think it's because we are hungry, but we are just dehydrated. Try to keep up with your water intake throughout the day, and even set alarms to remind yourself to keep up. 
  • EAT A BALANCED PLATE.At each meal try to have a protein, carbs, fat and veggie to help you feel full throughout the day. 
  • MOVEMENT.Make sure you get in your Street parking workouts to help you cope with the stress. Also add in some Maintenance sessions, go for a walk, or FaceTime some family/friends to check in and even hit a workout "together"!