Street Parking Nutrition Challenges Explained

Within the Street Parking community, you have the option to participate in 3 separate nutrition challenges throughout the year. 

The challenges are designed to:

  • Help our members find consistency in building habits they can maintain once the challenge is over
  • Create healthy, sustainable habits in a positive and fun environment within the SP community 

1. Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge (Winter)

During this 5 week challenge you get to pick the category of fitness where you’d like to improve in at that time (endurance, strength, skills, etc.) 

The nutrition element of this challenge is simple and all that’s required of you is to follow the food chart that we provide. In addition to that we will provide you with lifestyle points like sleep, water intake, etc. that will add to your overall points throughout the challenge. 

Fun fact: Everyone who participates in this challenge has the opportunity to earn an exclusive challenge shirt. All you have to do is rack up the minimum amount of points we set for the challenge (points are gathered by accomplishing your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle goals)

2. Jacked by June Challenge (Summer)

During this 4 week challenge you will utilize either our SP nutrition template or your own nutrition plan of choice. Regardless of what nutrition plan you choose, we will provide you with a food guide that we recommend you follow for the duration of the challenge. 

Throughout the challenge you will have the opportunity to learn more about the foods you eat, how to properly fuel your body, and basic weighing and measuring for meal portion sizes. We will also be testing a workout at the beginning and end of the challenge as another way to measure your progress.

For this challenge there will be no logging/tracking of points. 

3. Fall into Consistency Challenge (Fall)

During this 6 week challenge we will incorporate and utilize the SP nutrition templates. You will have two options (1) the SHIFT track which is a more gradual approach to making changes to your nutrition and (2) the advanced track which is for those who have more experience and have been in the habit of building their nutrition foundation. 

All 3 challenges are scheduled during different seasons of the year because life changes with the seasons and the challenges give our community a way to participate with other members who are going through the same seasons. Whether you want to set yourself up for success for the new year, feel confident for swimsuit season, or finish out the year strong, you have the ability to jump in on whichever challenge you’d like.

Once again, you have to be an active Street Parking member in order to participate in our yearly challenges. We hope to see you on the inside of one of our upcoming challenges!