What if you were consistent for 25 Weeks, even with just ONE workout?

If we could get you training FOR SURE just ONE day a week for 6 months, it’s a step in the right direction. That’s what the Street Parking Vault is all about.

Created in 2020 with 25 of Street Parking’s all-time favorite workouts, each yearly Vault series is completed over the course of 25 weeks with one workout each week.

With the Vault, scores don’t matter. You just can’t miss.

The 2023 Vault will bring 25 new workouts to challenge you in the way that matters the most: CONSISTENCY. As always, you can do ANY version of the workout (dumbbell, barbell, sandbag, or our beginner/modified version) and customize to fit your fitness level and equipment.

It’s not a competition. It’s not the ultimate test of your fitness. It’s the opportunity to develop the one thing that most people are truly missing—CONSISTENCY, with a side of accountability.

The first 2023 Vault workout drops January 6, 2023. If you want to complete the series in the first round, you MUST join in time to participate in that workout and log it before it closes on Jan 12th, 2023.

What’s in it for Street Parking Vault finishers?

  • Building confidence, resilience, and consistency
  • Bragging rights
  • Access to the exclusive 2023 Vault long sleeve

Prove your consistency. Earn the rewards.

Get signed up for Street Parking now so you can start the 2023 Vault with the SP community!

Joined after January 6th, 2023? The Vault series is repeated every 6 months, so if you miss the week-long window, you have to wait 6 months to make it up!

Take a look at all of the 2022 Vault workouts on our YouTube channel!