Summertime Consistency Tools Great for Coaches, Trainers, and Gym Owners

Rather Listen?

It’s well known that Street Parking is committed to providing individuals with the tools they need to take control of their fitness. But since its inception, Street Parking has also been a trusted resource to many personal trainers, school/PE/sports coaches, and gym ownerswho are active Street Parking members themselves. Whether through following the daily program exclusively or getting a few ideas here and there to implement in ways that make sense for their clients and communities,we love to support ANYONE who is making the world a fitter place.

Are you looking for effective, creative, and simple tools to utilize with your gym members or clients? This summer we have a few specific resources (which we think are pretty great) for our members to stay engaged with the community – and excited about their fitness –  that could help YOU keep your members/clients moving and building community through the summer months!


Every summer Street Parking likes to come up with a fun “theme,” and this year it’s all about TEAMWORK. We know from experience that team workouts offer a chance to push each other, bond over shared challenges, and elevate our personal efforts. What better way to stay consistent and have fun with your fitness than having someone else relying on you to show up?

Street Parking members can earn the Squad Summer badge in their Trophy Case by completing 12 or more TEAM workouts between June 1 and July 31. This season’s focus has come with a new “TEAM Work” Extra Program that is 16 sessions built for 2- or 3-person teams, along with some bonus “Dirty Work” team workouts and Vault Team workouts to add to the mix of options.(More on the Vault later.) 

If you’re a coach or trainer, these TEAM sessions would be a great resource – and a fun option – to check out for your community.


Want to build community? Put on your very own “Ride or Die” Challenge. Encourage your members to participate in a Squad Summer with the SAME partner for all 12 workouts. For the Street Parking Ride or Die Challenge, members choose team names and are entered to win a prize if they complete all 12 workouts. Many members are pairing up with a spouse or friend who lives close by, while others are using Zoom or FaceTime to fitness with partners who live far away. The creativity and camaraderie has been inspiring and motivating for all of our members!

In your own community, a Ride or Die Challenge could be a great way to help members keep each other accountable and build lasting friendships as well. Remember: Scores don’t matter — showing up does.


Speaking of “scores don’t matter”... The Vault - with one workout per week for 25 weeks - has become the ultimate Street Parking challenge. CONSISTENCY is the name of the game, where scores don’t matter but hitting the weekly Street Parking Vault workout in the available window each week DOES.

So far this year we had 10 CrossFit affiliates or other gyms officially participate in the six-month Street Parking Vault Challenge for Round 1 (January through June). They used the weekly Vault workout as one of their workouts each week and had their members take on the challenge along with our community of NEVER missing one through the entire 25 weeks.

During Round 2 of the Vault, members who didn’t complete the 25 workouts in the first half of the year (maybe they joined in the spring, or maybe they weren’t able to log a week or two) can log any missing Vault workouts as they come back around in the weekly programming in order to earn the swag. In keeping with the theme of teamwork, each of the 25 Vault workouts for Round 2 will also come with a TEAM VERSION! 

The Street Parking Vault is a GREAT way to keep members consistent during the second half of the year. We provide four versions (five with the TEAM version) of each session to allow you to choose what works best for YOUR members/clients and available gear. The goal is for participants to NEVER miss a Vault workout during that time, even if it’s the ONLY workout they get in that week. It’s the ultimate test of consistency, and again SCORES DON’T MATTER — YOU JUST CAN’T MISS! 

  • First VAULT ROUND 2 TEAM WORKOUT will be released July 7!

Of course any of these programs or tools can be mixed, matched, and customized to fit your own personal needs as a coach or gym owner. At this time we don’t have specific affiliate or gym programming — if you decide to utilize any of these tools, all that we ask in return is that you and your coaches have at least a few official memberships between you and that your members/clients know where their workouts (or the Vault, etc.) are coming from! 

Bonus points if you hang up the interactive Vault poster or an official Street Parking banner in your facility. 


  • DIRTY WORK PROGRAMMING — A collection of 34 workouts incorporating sleds, D-balls, battle ropes, sandbags, and more. It’s the perfect “let’s get dirty outside” programming. There is much value to including “odd object” training, and it’s also a great way to expose members to different training styles that they might not get to do as often!
  • SANDBAG PROGRAMMING — There is nothing quite as satisfying as slamming a sandbag. People love the feeling of grit they feel when working with unstable objects like the sandbag — and this type of training is very applicable to real life! Street Parking members have access to 3 series with 12 workouts within each!

We would love to help you figure out ways to incorporate Street Parking into what YOU are doing with your business! If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected] and we will get your question to the coach or staff member who can answer you best.