Street Parking Key Necklace

Black - 17 inch Chain
Gold - 17 inch chain
Black - 18 inch Chain
Gold - 18 inch Chain

2 Chain Sizes to choose from! 17 inch standard and the 18 inch chain!

From the team at Mae Cargo, these handmade Street Parking Key necklaces feature the iconic "SP" logo imprinted on the black key.

Two styles available: gold chain or black chain. (You do not get both chain options with your purchase.) 

These are sweat proof and durable even while doing an SP workout!

Enjoy this beautiful limited quantity piece. 

:key: With every purchase of the SP x Mae Cargo Key Necklace, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the work of one of our SP Gives Back charities: Suffer With Friends.

Street ParkingStreet Parking
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