Project April

Do you believe that you can get all of the fitness you need from just a pair of dumbbells?

We do.

In April of 2018, the Annual Street Parking Project April was born when founders Julian and Miranda Alcaraz decided to put their money where their mouth is and prove that they believe that dumbbells are all you need.


They announced to the Street Parking Members that for one full month they would follow Street Parking Program A. Program A is the version of the daily workout that ONLY requires a pair of dumbbells.  

This program is always available but, because the couple had a full garage gym, they would often do the other variations from other programs to highlight and use all of the equipment they had at their disposal.

However - in an effort to show members that the variations Street Parking Members have access to DAILY aren’t “levels” - just options….and to prove that all you REALLY need are dumbbells - they put the bars and sandbags and everything else away for a full month.

Of course - the Street Parking Members jumped on board.

The response was incredible.

Here is what some of the Street Parking Members had to say who participated last year:

Well, it’s that time of year AGAIN! Many of the 20k+ Street Parking Members do only Program A year round - but even those who don’t love the challenge of this month to keep things simple.

Are you ready to take the challenge?

During Project April - all variations of the daily workouts and accessory workouts are still available to all members! We encourage participation - but leave it up to you! Program A workouts will often give options for a few other items like a kettlebell, pull up bar, or jump rope - but subs using ONLY dumbbells are ALWAYS provided.

I used to be a member of a CrossFit gym years ago but after moving… it wasn’t a feasible option up here. I’ve done the globo gym scene and love to lift, but deep down, that wasn’t the experience I wanted. I wanted to feel that sense of community with my workout. I found that with@streetparking.

The thing I love most about@streetparking is the flexibility they build into the workouts. I didn’t even have a pair of dumbbells when I started but I went out and bought some just so that I could have the needed equipment for Program A workouts. It’s also comforting to know that as I build my garage gym, the workouts will scale up to the equipment I get. And I’ll still be paying the same price!

The idea that you need a full size gym to workout is false. A pair of dumbbells and a dedicated mindset is all you need. I even took them with me while traveling so that I could get my Saturday workout in.

Project April has been good to me. It was a great way to challenge myself and jump back into these types of workouts, while also benefiting from the sense of community that@streetparking offers.

[email protected]

For the month of April, I committed to working out consistently with ONLY dumbbells. I didn’t touch a barbell. I LOVE lifting heavy, I LOVE Olympic lifting, BUT I wanted to prove to myself and show others that to get a good- intense- hard workout in, all I needed was a pair of dumbbells.

It was BRUTAL! Dumbbell are so hard! There were countless times I was laid out flat on my back wondering what in the world just happened this month. I can tell you that in the month of April, I became fitter, stronger (moved up in dumbbell weight 💪🏻) faster, and HUMBLED. I love street parking because it’s SIMPLE. No need for extravagant set ups or pizazz! Just good old fashioned grit. With 2 dumbbells. That’s it!

- @mombodwod

Honestly, prior to@streetparking I had only used dumbbells for accessory work. I had a mindset that dumbbells were “easier” than barbell work...boy was I wrong!!!#projectapril has kicked my ass! It’s helped with my ROM and highlighted weaknesses. I have to say I’ve kinda liked it and I will definitely be using them on the regular now!!

- @mrsswanson

Project April is more than just putting the barbell and sandbags away. It truly is grassroots training. I love the challenge. And finding different ways to focus my energies and tapping into strengths I didn’t know I have. A pretty humbling experience.

- @coachahmazing

Purpose was to prove that you can get fit with a set of dumbbells. Point proven and left me really sore. Humbled by the dumbbells.

[email protected]

Last day of#projectapril but I'll be sticking with DBs for a while. One of my favorite things about@streetparking is that I don't feel pressure to go RX. This has taught me to listen to my body more (something I've been historically terrible at). I want to be strong, but I'm not trying to be the strongest. Instead, I want to be healthy and find what's sustainable for me for the rest of my life.

- @pozzipump

I used dumbbells for EVERY single WOD I did for the whole month of April! This was completely new for me and out of my comfort zone....I love my barbell and I am safe behind/under my barbell and the thought of dumbbells for every movement was a tad scary! I was gonna skip this challenge, but as I have in the past I put my trust in#streetparking amazing programming and I don’t regret a day of it! With the#projectapril challenge I have found new confidence in myself, new muscles that I didn’t know I had, and damn if my balance hasn’t gotten better! With hubby being in the military and moving so often, we haven’t invested in a home gym yet so I still go to the base gym for my workouts.....Let me tell you, I feel like a complete badass when I’m doin a WOD or SOGO and look over at the dude (yes a military man) beside me and I’m using bigger dumbbells then he is…

- @jaimejmiller122

Last day of#ProjectApril and I’m pretty stoked with the results. Learned a pair of dumbbells and about 30 minutes is all I really need each day to stay fit. The key is consistency. If this is all I need, it’s pretty tough to justify not making it happen. Still a mama and a wife, still working full time, still just a regular girl trying to do the best I can...what this showed me is that working out can be really simple and still be super effective! I can still show up for the little things like#hockey practice,#trackmeets and date night! I don’t need two hours a day in the gym or thousands of dollars in equipment. You best believe these#dumbbells and#streetparking are here to stay!

- @schellschoen