3 Benefits Of Training With A Sandbag

Why train with a sandbag?

That heavy, awkward, floppy bag? It’s one of our FAVORITE training tools.

Not many people realize all of the benefits that come from utilizing this accessible, incredible, and oftentimes deceiving piece of equipment when you train. It might seem too niche or specialized compared to more mainstream equipment like dumbbells and barbells. Yet the sandbag is so versatile. In fact, it can do just about anything that a barbell, kettlebell, or dumbbells can do…..and more.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

Sandbags are fun

If you read no further than this paragraph, remember this: training with a sandbag is a ton of fun.

There is something about the grunt work element of working your way through a sandbag workout that is deeply satisfying.

Whether it’s because you can slam them on the ground from overhead, toss them over your shoulder, or drag them across the floor — they are the ultimate ‘tough yet forgiving’ tool to (literally) throw into the mix as a different training experience.

Sandbags are functional

Barbells are great because they allow you to produce maximal strength and power, moving the load through a consistent, often vertical, line of action.

But how often are we able to set up perfectly when we run and pick our child off of the street? Or pack boxes into a Uhaul truck in the same way we could perform a heavy barbell clean?

We can’t.

The barbell allows us to perform reps in an evenly distributed way. But in our daily lives, most of the movements we do are uneven and unbalanced.

The sandbag is inherently unstable as the weight inside of it shifts constantly from rep to rep. This more accurately represents how we move in sport and in our daily lives, making it a great workout tool that will help us train for movements that we find ourselves doing regularly throughout our days.

Sandbags elicit a strong neurological response

The unstable load of a sandbag carries over into functional movements and real world activities, and it also means increased core work.

Thanks to the constant shifting of unbalanced weight, your core has to work harder to stabilize the load in order to move from point A to point B.

When your body has to make these adjustments rep after rep, your brain signals for it to do just that. This means that if you regularly train with a sandbag, your brain and body will be constantly communicating with each other to accommodate for these small differences in movement patterns.

This results in a variety of benefits, from increased cognitive function to stronger, more stable joints.

Grab your sandbag and join the Street Parking Sandbag Summer 2021 Focus Group!

From June 7th - July 31st, Street Parking is hosting a Sandbag Summer 2021 Focus Group for Street Parking members.

The focus group will be very casual and led by SP Coaches Molly, Miranda and Mazie. Participants will commit to doing the SP Sandbag Series Extra Program workout once a week and get tips (and encouragement) on how to incorporate a sandbag into more of their weekly workouts.

The main point of the focus group is to accomplish a Sandbag workout each week. Everything else is a bonus.

The focus group is available for any active Street Parking member. Once/if you’re an active member, there will be a private Facebook group specifically for this group to join.

See you inside for a Sandbag Summer!