Project April 2021

2 Dumbbells + 1 Month = 0 Excuses

Limited on time? GREAT.

Only have a pair of dumbbells? PERFECT.

Don't have much experience in working out? NO PROBLEM.

Need support in your fitness journey? THAT'S US!

Project April is the perfect place to start wherever you're at in your fitness journey. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and less than 30 minutes. Sign up below to become a Street Parking member and join us for Project April!

"Project April is more than just putting the barbell and sandbags away. It truly is grassroots training. I love the challenge. And finding different ways to focus my energies and tapping into strengths I didn’t know I have. A pretty humbling experience."


FREE Dumbbell Resources

7 Street Parking Dumbbell Workouts

We’ve put together 7 fun and effective dumbbell only workouts and warm ups for you to test the waters!

Street Parking Dynamic Warm Up

This is a general warm-up designed to get your heart rate up and take your joints through a full range of motion.

Street Parking Dumbbell Movement LIbrary

Not sure what a certain dumbbell movement is? No worries, we've got you covered with our DB Movement Library!


This is a general warm-up designed to get your heart rate up and take your joints through a full range of motion.

Most Common Subs If You ONLY Have Dumbbells

"For the month of April, I committed to working out consistently with ONLY dumbells. I didn't touch a barbell. I LOVE lifting heavy, I LOVE Olympic lifting, BUT I wanted to prove to myself and show others that to get a good - intense - hard workout in, all I needed was a pair of dumbbells.

It was BRUTAL! Dumbbells are so hard! There were countless times I was laid out flat on my back wondering what in the world just happened this month. I can yell you that in the month of April, I became fitter, stronger (moved up in dumbbell weight 💪🏻), faster, and HUMBLED. I love Street Parking because it's SIMPLE. No need for extravagant set ups or pizazz! Just good old fashioned grit. With 2 dumbbells. That's it!"



How would your life change if you found out that with less than $100 of equipment and some space in your garage, back yard, bedroom or even your kitchen - you could get all of the fitness you needed to see the results that you’re looking for? Oh and only by spending roughly 30 min a day doing it.

No traffic. No class times. No babysitters or gym drama. Just you on your own schedule.

Starting in April 2018, Coach Miranda and Coach Julian committed to following the dumbbell version of the Street Parking Program ONLY for the entire month. They didn’t touch their precious bars, bumpers, or any other fancy equipment they were so used to using in their decked out garage gym.

A bunch of members jumped on board. It was time as a community to put our money where our mouth is. We set out to prove that a simple pair of dumbbells really can be enough.

The result? Many members grew to love our dumbbells more than the bar. A few even said they never went back to the regular programming!

And in 2020? Dumbbells in your living room were a way of LIFE. People from all over the world found themselves training from home for the first time ever. Street Parking dumbbell workouts were a way to save your fitness!

So #PROJECTAPRIL is back again and we would love to have you join us! We ALWAYS have dumbbell only programming, but starting April 1, even more of the Street Parking Members will go solely dumbbells for an entire month.

If you currently don’t have access to a gym, or if you think you MUST need a ton of equipment to work out at home, or if you are just up for the #PROJECTAPRILCHALLENGE - let’s do this!

Street Parking Memberships are $19/mo with no contract.

Give yourself a chance to find out if training at home works for you as we have variations of the workout for ANY level of experience, age, or background.

And right now Street Parking Members receive 10% off all dumbbells from - just to help you get started!

Our programming is usually with 40# dumbbells for Men and 25# dumbbells for women. If you are newer to training - go a bit lighter. Already have dumbbells that aren’t those exact weights - IT DOESN’T MATTER! Use what you’ve got!

During Project April all variations of the daily workouts and accessory workouts are still programmed. We encourage participation but leave it up to you! Program A (dumbbell) and Shift workouts will often give options for a few other items (like a kettlebell, pull up bar, or jump rope) but customizations using ONLY dumbbells are ALWAYS provided.

"Purpose was to prove that you can get fit with a set of dumbbells. Point proven and left me really sore. Humbled by the dumbbells.."


"I used dumbbells for EVERY single workout I did for the whole month of April! This was completely new for me and out of my comfort zone....I love my barbell and I am safe behind/under my barbell and the thought of dumbbells for every movement was a tad scary! I was gonna skip this challenge, but as I have in the past I put my trust in #streetparking amazing programming and I don’t regret a day of it! With the #projectapril challenge I have found new confidence in myself, new muscles that I didn’t know I had, and damn if my balance hasn’t gotten better! With hubby being in the military and moving so often, we haven’t invested in a home gym yet so I still go to the base gym for my workouts.....Let me tell you, I feel like a complete badass when I’m doin a WOD or SOGO and look over at the dude (yes a military man) beside me and I’m using bigger dumbbells then he is…"