Jenn Tripodi

The best program I have ever signed up for. The amazing personalization that is included, the supportive group, so many workout variances if your injured, new, pregnant, expert/advanced, this programming and group can work for anyone. And don’t forget the best coaches around who actually pay attention and care about you. I could go on all day about how great Street Parking, the coaches, and members all are. I thought after I left my hometown box I essentially was doomed to be a globo gym goer who made up workouts on their own and never stayed with it. This programming has offered the most supportive group, consistency, motivation, and dedication. I’m so greatfull for this group and will be sticking around long term!

Caron Soberman

Been with SP since Day 1 and have never doubted my choice. I wake up every day and don’t have to think about what work out to do… all the work is done! I’ve learned so much about working out and beyond that. How to be mindful of caring for my body and overall wellness. What do you get? It’s not all about the killer, multiple programming options… it’s about mobility, moving your body, food choices, rest days, sleep, hydration and nourishing your soul. The amount offered on a daily basis is mind-blowing. Daily and accessory workouts for ALL levels of fitness, on-line warm up and technique videos with daily demos and tips. Who is SP for? Everyone!! Newbies, elite, every day or injured athletes…as well as families, pregnant and post-partum members all have options to stay challenged and involved. There is daily interaction with experienced engaged coaches, top notch Nutrition coaching and challenges that have amazing results. Yes, it’s an on-line community, however you are never alone. The on-line community is from all over the world and filled with support, advice, laughter and love 24/7. There are meet ups with members and coaches. All coaches post their own work out videos as well as live interaction on IG and FB. You have a question? Reach out and you will get answers from coaches and community. Miranda, Julian, Molly and Frank pour their hearts and soul into this every day and it shows. There’s not a stronger, more supportive or positive community out there. It’s practically free, yet you can’t put a price on all that is offered and what you get in return. Best decision!!

Kasey Harker Villalpando

As a full time working mom time is not always on my side. I’ve struggled off and on working out from home for years now either from lack of motivation or time. I started this program 4 moths post-partrum and really nervous about getting back into shape after my c-section. Street parking has exceeded my expectations on every level. It creates community, support, encouragement and most importantly it programs smart workouts that make an active lifestyle totally achievable regardless of your athletic ability. If you are a competitive athlete or a new mommy or a first time crossfitter there’s a workout for you here! I love the accessory workouts for days when I have a little more time or want to concentrate on specific areas. Sign up already! Join the SP fam!

Nick Gomez

I work a rotating shift for my job so finding a box to accommodate my schedule was far and in between, so when I found Street Parking it was literally the answer for me to continue my fitness journey while keeping the workouts fun and interesting with a crazy schedule. There is a certain beauty in programming if done well and you can tell this team really loves what they do and they put a lot of work into it. Whether you want to work on your first pull up or work on Oly technique or just wanting a daily WOD this place has the community to help with reaching your goals.

Jeanette Pattinson

The best quality programming ever! So much thought goes into each and every workout. You always feel like you worked your butt off, no matter how long or short the daily WOD may be. I really could not ask for a better online experience from coaches who truly are incredibly dedicated, motivating, encouraging, warm, genuine people. And the community of amazing friends is worth it’s weight in gold. Joining Street Parking was one of the best decisions I ever made!

Morgan Callahan

There are so many great things to say about this programming. I have been a member since August 2017 and I have done over 250 workouts. The variety is amazing. There is something for every athlete, no matter what level or what equipment you have. Some days I can only get in a 10 minute metcon, other days I go back and look at past programs and add in powerlifting, weightlifting, gymnastics, endurance, or upper/lower body isolation workouts. I have gotten friends and family to join in workouts with me, the scaling options and SHIFT workouts are great for that.

I can’t thank Julian and Miranda and the whole Street Parking crew for making such an accessible, fun and comprehensive program that fits into my schedule, all with a community stronger than any gym I have been a part of. 5000+ of your fellow Street Parking members are there to support you in where ever you are in your fitness journey.

$19 a month is a steal for everything you’re getting. Sure you could program yourself, or use online free programming, but do you do it? Do you have 5000 people you can ask for tips, keep you accountable, and compare your scores with? And if for nothing else, they are great at giving back to the community. Contests and nutrition challenges, discount codes, giveaways, meet ups and a great collection of SP gear keep us all engaged and looking great.

Rachael Henry

I’ve been crossfitting for 5+ years and a trainer for 3 years – all at local affiliates. When my husband and I moved further out of town, our gym attendance started to suffer, so we built our own garage gym. I kept my gym membership for 3x/week (at $140/month) – cause i wanted that community aspect – and would follow main-site or public SP wods on days I would train at home. Then I had a baby. And the idea of getting a sitter for 2 hours (30 min drive, hour class, 30 min drive) every day I wanted to workout seemed silly. Insert Street Parking. Simple. Effective workouts that I can do in 10-30 min tops and if the babe naps, i can even squeeze in some accessory work. And for less than $20/month?! I’m spending less time working out than I ever have before.

Better than I ever have (training smarter), and can workout with my husband and little girl WHENEVER it’s convenient for us.

I could not be MORE thankful for the community and programming Julian and Miranda created.

Brian Hall

First week and so far I’m loving the quality and attention to detail. The community is incredible active and engaged, and for being remote from everyone it feels super tight knit and encouraging. Coaches/Staff are amazing and prompt and you can tell even tho they have 5k members that they care about every single one of them.

Alicia Marie Sparks

I was honestly terrified to leave my home box after almost 4 years of CrossFit. The community is what kept me going! Joining street parking turned out to be the greatest decision I ever made! When I thought I’d lose a family, I gained 5000+ of the greatest supporters, who are there all day, everyday!! This group & this programming are more than I could have ever thought to ask for!

Michael DeGregoris

Never expected to receive such great programming for my home gym. Doesn’t matter if you have a couple pieces of equipment or a full on home box. M&J program for everyone and they truly have every option. They also have a private online community for members only that gives you support just like your old box did.

Val Uliana

I cannot say enough good things about Street Parking. The programming is excellent, you get a whole lot of programming for a very reasonable price and Julian and Miranda are truly dedicated to their members. I’ve never been part of such a welcoming, all-inclusive, non-judgemental community. I couldn’t ask for more.

Brittney Cassidy

I did CF in boxes for 5 years before starting with Street Parking. The WODS are top notch, the interaction in the community is amazing and the amount of content for the price is UNBEATABLE! Thank you, Miranda and Julian for all you guys do and the idea that turned into a community.

Charlie N Esmerelda Mann

Street Parking has become the answer I have been looking for! The workouts, the community, the support is just incredible. I have seen better results from doing SP workouts in the past three months then I did with my prior 4 years of CF at my local box. .. Don’t hesitate , Join now!

Nate Noel

I read about street parking in BoxLife magazine, and thought…maybe someday I’ll give it a shot. I was a member of an affiliate at the time. I had only been doing CrossFit for a few months. I kept going back and reading about it, and one day (about a bit over a month ago) I decided to give it a try. BEST DECISION…EVER! These are CrossFit Games athletes who really care about each of their over 5,000 members. The programming is designed to challenge anyone regardless if you are a veteran athlete or just decided to stand up off the couch! (Off the couch, off the sugar, right?) And the community, oh my sweet baby Jesus! From the day one athlete to the multi-year veteran, everyone encourages you and motivates you. If you are on the fence, like I was, get off…pull your car out of the garage and park it in the street…and start toward the life you have always wanted and deserve!

Cassie Wilson

I am absolutely getting my butt kicked with only 25 lb dumbbells, a jump rope, and a whole lot of creativity! Miranda & Julian are SO detailed. SO thankful for such a great program!! Anyone can do this, and that is why it is so amazing.

John Daniel

Top notch programming and the best training you can get if you are strapped for time. The support is crazy good and the interaction within the group and the owners is better than you could get at a box. Love this group!

Jenny Leigh Woods

As a new mom I struggled to get back to my box. Street parking has helped me get back into shape and enjoy fitness again.

Leanne Rosser

Programming is on fire. Athletes of all levels will have options from RX+ to pregnant moms, postpartum, or recovering from an injury. The community is one of a kind. Up-lifting. A group of positive people encouraging and helping other members succeed. When you sign up and join Street Parking, you’re getting so much more than you ever expected.