Navigating Pregnancy and Birth During The Corona Virus Pandemic

Hi Mamas! We sat down with SP Mama, Chiropractor, Doula, and self proclaimed "Birth Addict", Erica Boland today for a chat about what the role of a Doula is and ideas for navigating some of the stress and uncertainty that might be coming up around pregnancy or birth in our current climate. We hope that this video and the information shared provides at least just a moment of peace for you or a breath of fresh air and perspective. Much love to you all!
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Take 20 Minutes to Unwind and Relieve Stress

We know how stressful life can get and that your recovery and mental health is just as much a part of your fitness as your workout. We created this 20 minute sequence of gentle stretches to help you relieve tension and calm your nervous system.  Use this video to connect to your breath and to ground yourself when life gets a little hectic. We hope that adding a little “Maintenance” into your day will help you thrive in all areas of your life!
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