What is the 4th Trimester

To the outside world, the transition from pregnancy to birth seems to be a seamless one and we watch women “bounce back” to their normal lives. The truth is, this isn’t even close to what’s taking place for a mother who just gave birth, but the majority of us have no idea because we weren’t taught about the process and we don’t talk about it openly.

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Navigating Pregnancy and Birth During The Corona Virus Pandemic

Hi Mamas! We sat down with SP Mama, Chiropractor, Doula, and self proclaimed "Birth Addict", Erica Boland today for a chat about what the role of a Doula is and ideas for navigating some of the stress and uncertainty that might be coming up around pregnancy or birth in our current climate. We hope that this video and the information shared provides at least just a moment of peace for you or a breath of fresh air and perspective. Much love to you all!
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