Tips for Juggling Work, Fitness, Homeschooling, and 2020

We know this is an odd time for a lot of us so we interviewed one of our very own Street Parking coaches and gathered some of her best tips on how to be a working parent who maintains a consistent fitness routine while also being a homeschooling parent. Mazie’s exact story may not match yours -- and let’s be honest -- who do you know that has the exact lifestyle as you -- but read along and see which parts of her story you can relate to and what tips you can pick up and implement into your own life as you walk through this uncommon Fall season.
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A Week of Eating for Under $100

I recently took a trip to Costco (which is no joke like my Disneyland) and this time around I wanted to show you what I bought for our kitchen, how much it cost me, and how long that food will last.
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