Tips for Juggling Work, Fitness, Homeschooling, and 2020

We know this is an odd time for a lot of us so we interviewed one of our very own Street Parking coaches and gathered some of her best tips on how to be a working parent who maintains a consistent fitness routine while also being a homeschooling parent. Mazie’s exact story may not match yours -- and let’s be honest -- who do you know that has the exact lifestyle as you -- but read along and see which parts of her story you can relate to and what tips you can pick up and implement into your own life as you walk through this uncommon Fall season.
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The Street Parking Vault

What if you were consistent for 25 Weeks??  Even if we could get you training FOR SURE one day a week for 6 months - it's a step in the right direction.
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Street Parking Nutrition Challenges Explained

Within the Street Parking community, you have the option to participate in 3 separate nutrition challenges throughout the year. 
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Street Parking Nutrition Coaching Explained

One of the reasons Street Parking has different avenues of nutrition guidance -- general tips, palm measuring method, recipes, nutrition templates, coaching, etc. -- is because we know that our members are coming from all walks of life and need a different level of guidance and instruction during different stages of their lives.  
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Street Parking Recipes: 3 Community Favorites

When you become a Street Parking member, you gain instant access to weekly recipes shared by Coach Molly. Additionally, if you ever decide to invest in a Street Parking Nutrition Template, all of these recipes include serving breakdowns that are compliant with the templates. 
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The Street Parking Nutrition Templates Explained

When it comes to nutrition we believe that consistency is everything and in order to find consistency, we as individuals need to find a routine that works for us and can be sustainable long term. 
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3 Steps to Building a Sustainable Nutrition Lifestyle

When we decide that we’re ready to make a change in our life (no matter what it is), that decision typically comes with a feeling of momentum -- a desire to go from 0 to 100.
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The Strategy Behind Our Programming

When it comes to programming workouts, every workout we build has key ingredients and the different combination or amount of ingredients guides you towards hitting a desired outcome. 
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7 Workouts You Can Do With A Sandbag

When you think of workout equipment, a sandbag probably doesn’t come to mind. At least not right away like a barbell or dumbbells would. But really, it’s one of the most practical tools you can use to get fit. The shifting weight of a bag filled with sand is similar to what you’d face in day to day life - like a squirming toddler or a bag of dog food.
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    The Origin of the “More Than Nothing” Mentality

    “I think people prefer to believe they need to overhaul their entire life in order to see improvement. Because if they believe it’s not possible, they can’t be held responsible for doing nothing.”
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      How To Diagnose Your Rest Day Needs

      Rest days. 
      - When are you supposed to take one?
      - How do you know when you’re supposed to take one?
      - Are you currently taking too many? Too little?
      We know that the concept of “rest day” can be a taboo subject so we decided to survey our private Facebook group of over (17k) members and asked them how many rest days they took per week. 

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